Write when you travelled by bus, by car, by plane, by train, by ship last.


1.malcolm said that he didn't thought so. 

2.i said that those picture of velema valento was really mine and i'd like to keep it. 

3.he said that he had came to ask me about a five-pound note which i had paid into my bank the day before. 

4.she said that it looked like lizard skin, but it seemed to be from a warm-blooded animal, perhaps a bird. we didn't understand what it was. 

5.i said that there was no hurry, but there was nothing more i could do. 


stay at a hotel is the best.the beds always are comfortable and you can eat at the restaurant when the weather is awful. i hate camping because it often rains.what do you think

Travelling by car путешествие на машине travelling is one of the most pleasant pastimes for me. i love seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. there are many ways to travel, for example, by train, by plane, by bus, by car, by ship. i prefer travelling by car, because it gives the freedom of movement. you can stop whenever you want and wherever you want just to admire the beauty of nature. travelling by car opens plenty of opportunities from the comfort of your seat. i usually travel with my parents. my dad is an excellent driver and he likes stopping by some nice places on the way. last time we travelled by car was in may. we drove from sochi to sukhumi, which is in abkhazia. some of our distant relatives live there, so we decided to visit them. while we were driving, i’ve noticed that abkhazian nature is splendid. there are so many beautiful plants, lakes and waterfalls on the way. we stopped twice to admire the view. i managed to take some memorable pictures. of course, every travel mode has its pros and cons. everybody would agree that travelling by car is fast and comfortable. you don’t have to wait for the right time, as you do with public transport. you have enough privacy and you don’t have to share space with strangers. you can listen to your favourite music or radio channel. you can park wherever you need, which is impossible when travelling by train or plane. however, there are certain disadvantages. for example, cars are considered to be the most dangerous means of transport. there are thousands of car accidents on the roads. apart from that, petrol is getting more and more expensive. unfortunately, modern cars cannot function without it. last but not the least the drivers have to change the car wheels depending on the season. despite all these disadvantages, i still like travelling by car and find it to be the most comfortable way of travel. i hope to buy my own car when i’m older.
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