Мне нужен анекдот про известных людей (на ) заранее )


today i had p.e. class. we did something other than do exercises though. instead we all went on a field trip to a sport musuem. we went in our comfortable uniforms, brought out exercise-books, pencils, and lunches. at the musuem we got a chance to do some handicrafts. when we had to go, i was really sad. i sad goodbye to a nice lady who worked there, and she replied me back with "see you later! ". i guess she knew that it wouldn't be my last time there!    


music takes a great part in everybody's life and mine, too. i like the feeling that music gives me. it really inspires me to enjoy my life, to love and to have fun. it helps me to relax after a long and tiring day. you may just come home and turn your favorite music on and forget about your problems. also, seeing musicians perform on stage is very amazing. they prove that if you have a dream, just follow it and nobody can't stop you. also, a good thing about music is that you can find friends through it. i mean, if you love pop songs, you may talk about them with people and share your ideas. if there wasn't music in the world, the world would loose much. the music makes the world go round!


1)in st. petersburg,decided to putthe equestrian monumentto its firstmayor -anatoly sobchak.sculptorcallskseniasobchak: -popoziruetefor sculpture? - youthink i'mso much likemy father? -what has thepope?

2)on "eurovision"buranovskiegrandmotherone partof the songsungin the udmurt language, the other- in english.butwhat of themin english,no oneknew.

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