Fill in: mustn't, needn't, don't need/have to, didn't need/have to ,have to or can't
Mum: You 1) can't watch TV now. You gave to do your homework. Bobby: I 2) do it. Doing homework is stupid, anyway. Dad: Bobby, you 3) speak to your mother like that! Bobby: I'm sorry. Well, at least I 4) write a composition today. Dad: When I was a boy we 5) do much homework, but now I'm sorry because I didn't learn much. Bobby: If you 6) do homework, then why 7)I do mine?


to have a pet at home is a very good thing. and it is not important what pet you have. you may have a dog, a cat, a hamster, a parrot or a fish. the most popular pets are cats and dogs.

a cat is good for a small flat, and if you live in a big flat or a house you can keep a dog. it’s much simpler to have a cat because you don’t have to walk a cat every day.

dogs are best friends of people. these animals are very clever and understand you very well. but you must remember that keeping a dog in a flat is not that easy. you need to walk it two or three times a day. so, you have to get up earlier in the morning and it also takes time to feed the dog. dogs are hairy animals and they have a specific smell. nevertheless, dogs are wonderful animals. i love dogs.

people usually keep hamsters, rats, mice and rabbits. these animals are rather easy to look after. these animals are funny, but all they do is eating.


1/more regulary2.even slower

3.even louder

4.more faster

5 .    than 8

6. more badly

,much more often

8. ann lives farther


1) i will ride my bike tomorrow.

2) my grandma got two letters yesterday/

3) they were in the country last summer.

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