Тест 6 класс. I четверть 1. ___ is white in the forest when it snows.

A) everybody B) everything C) nobody D) nothing

2. ___ can show you the road to the city center.

A) anything B) everything C) anybody D) nobody

3. Can you hear ___?

A) anything B) everything C) nobody D) nothing

4. ___ says the Moscow Metro is beautiful.

A) everybody B) everything C) nobody D) nothing

5. I can hear ___. He is very far from us.

A) anybody B) anything C) nobody D) nothing

6. There’re ___ rainy days in St. Petersburg.

A) many B) much C) a lot of D) few E) little

7. How ___ sugar must we buy?

A) many B) much C) a lot of D) few E) little

8. How ___ books do you have in the library?

A) many B) much C) a lot of D) few E) little

9. Very ___ people watched the film. It was not interesting.

A) many B) much C) a lot of D) few E) little

10. Did you A) hear/ B) listen to the news?

11. A) Hear/ B) Listen to the speaker, please.

12. I can say that I know my city A) still/ B) fairly well.

13. My brother says that he would like to become an A) architect/ B) enemy.

14. They want to visit Rome and some A) defend/ B) other places in Italy.

15. I can see stars A) tall/ B) high in the sky.

16. My brother is A) taller/ B) higher than my father is.

17. The house A) appeared/ B) built in the 19th century.

18. Peter the Great A) founded/ B) defended the city in 1703 and A) changed/ B)moved the capital from Moscow to St Petersburg in 1712.


1. last week i met my friend. he was with a young girl.the girl was a student of our academy.2. this is a pencil. the pencil is red. 3. she is a teacher. she is our teacher of english. 4. it is a lake. the lake is deep. it is one of the deepest lakes in the world.  5. there are many flowers in your garden. the flowers are beautiful. 6. did you write the plan? give me please your plan. 7. the black sea is in the south of russia. 8. this is nick. he is an engineer. he is a good engineer. 9. there are some schools in our street. the schools are new.10. yury gagarin was the first cosmonaut of the world. 11. in summer the sky is blue and the sun shines brightly. 12. the petrovs are very friendly. 13. this is ann`s book. 14. winter begins in december. 15. what a fine day it is today! 16. history and computer science were my favourite subjects at school. 17. i don`t know the way to the station. 18. he is an engineer by profession. 19. usually i get up at 7 o`clock in the morning. 20. will you have a cup of tea? 21. warsaw is the capital of poland. 22. this is  a book. the book is very interesting. 23. do you see the sun in the sky today? 25. i went to but they were not at home.

1. it is cold today. 2. it is snowing all day long. 3. it is morning now. 4. it was very nice to get acquainted with your friend. 5. it is late. it is time to go to sleep. 6. is it funny? 7. it is 10 am already. 8. is it cold outside? 9. it is the beginning of spring but it is warm already. 10. is it far from here?


when did you see him last time?

In the 1970s new tv technologies were  developed. a lot of tv programmes are devoted to politics. in the future new tv stations will be built in russia. i am sure the best tv films will be shown next year. television is used for many purposes. the is known as the best non-commercial television system. television signal is sent from a central source and received by home tv sets. more and more people will be touch with the help of television in the future. our lives will be dominated by television in the future. we hope that more good films are watched by young people.
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