Ex3 Circle the correct word

many teenagers like to sleep in at the weekends ​


is ken home?

who is you sister?

what color are tulips?

how does she speak in english?


наверное так..


1. they are happy because their child  has entered  the university. 

2. it    was  great to see her last week 

3/ sorry i    have not  phoned  you earlier. 

4/ he was very sorry to hear that you    had not  come  in time. 

5. whenever i    drive  past that restaurant, there always are  a lot of people. 

6.  have  you ever  been  to an open-air concert ?  

7. my parents were angry because i    had not passed  my exam. 

8. his brother told him that he ate  all the fruit which he had  bought.

9. at this time two   weeks ago we  were lying  on the beach.

10. beth became pale when she heard the news

11. i    was not    impressed with his new car when i  saw  it yesterday.

12. the aztecs    was  an american indian tribe who  lived  in mexico.

13. yesterday when i    looked  out of my window, i    saw  that my children  were running  in the garden.

14. i was sure he always    was  your best friend

15. janet      never  takes  part in the concerts

16. when she    came  home, her son    was  having  supper.

17. i    had  read  all the articles before mother    came


многие подростки любят спать в выходные дни

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