i want to be sekretarem.mne this profession is really like. every man has his own professiya.no to know who you want to be be held in the 9th grade test


2 my parents     are\are not                              from pragua/

3 we    are\are not         in school now.

4 my bags      are\are not                yellow.

5 my friends and i              are\are not          from england.

6 it                is\isn't        very cold today.

7 i      am\am not                  hungry.     

8 our teacher                    is\isn't        very tall.   



1. This play was performed by the school theatre group

2. This blog is written in France by someone.

3.One thousand cars are produced a week by the local factory

4.A huge social network was created by Mark Zuckerberg.

5.Our sandwiches were stolen by a monkey.

6. Some old coins were discovered by three boys in a field.

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