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english is an international language. a lot of people speak english all over the world. it is the most popular language after chinese. i want to learn english in order to communicate with different people all over the world. also i like travelling and if i know english i will be able to travell without any difficulties.


1) say2)said3)telling4)said5) tell6)says7)tell8)tell9)10)tell крайней мере исходила из правил,даже грамматику сейчас перечитала))



1. parents of the girl playing with my child.

2. the back of the car.

3. these children's parents

4. the middle of the page

5. the effect of James's speech

6. my cousin's

7. women's clothes

8. the idea of the article

9. this woman's story

10. the Wests's friends


1. The centre of Moscow

2. The results of the team

3. These doctors' practice

4. last year's holiday

5. Yesterday's visitor

6. the rules of the game

7. the economy of this country

8. These passengers' seats

9. These people's demands

10. My sister-in-law's books

11. John and Sharon's children

12. these newspapermen's questions

13. my children's

14. Martin and Carol's papers


1. These professors' lectures are interesting.

2. These policemen's income is rather high.

3. Let me get a look at the engine of the car.

4. I didn't like the ending of the story.

5. I like these children's pictures.

6. The manager of the shop wants to see you.

7. I didn't like the look on her face.

8. Guests at the inn gathered on the ground floor.

9. It's the umbrella of the woman sitting at that table.

10. I liked Carol and Sue's answers.


1. Do you know the reason of the accident?

2. This girl's new dress is beautiful.

3. Yesterdays newspaper is on the table.

4. Do you know these people's adresses?

5. Smith's garden is the most beautiful in this town.

6. The leaves of this tree are yellow.

7. I missed the beginning of the perfomance.

8. Don't miss tomorrow's lesson.

9. Where are these students' works?

10. He taked about last year's failure.

11. A one mile distance is not far.

12. Ted and Bill's room is cosy.

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