Прям как надо,( 1.2 put in am? is or are. 1.the weather is very today. 2.i not tired. 3 this case very heavy. 4 these cases very heavy. 5.the dog asleep. 6.look! there . 7.i not. can you open the window please? 8.this castle one thousand years old 9. my brother and i good tennis players. 10 at home but her children school. 11 i a student. my sister architect


1. there is a big window in my bedroom.

2. there are no pantries in our house.

3. he shares his room with a friend.

4. is there a hall in his flat?

5. have you got a room on your own?

My school life is wonderful. there are lots of concerts, performances and sport competitions in our school. my classmates and i often take part in different school events. i have a lot of friends in my class.   our teachers are kind and intelligent and my classmates are smart and friendly. i like my school.
2.am 3.is 4.are 5.is 6.is 7.am 8.is 9.are 10.is,are 11.am,is
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