по английскому верно неверно​


does your dad have to decorate a christmas tree? -yes,he does

does your mum have to send postcards? -yes,she does

do you have to invite friends? -yes,i am


my recent winter holidays were a lot of fun. i tried to visit as many places as i could and to do a lot of different things. even though the weather wasn't very nice, it didn't make me feel sad. i went to the mall and to the skating-rink with my family and friends. it's always interesting to learn something new, so i also visited the movies and watched some great films. and then, of course, there were new year and christmas, which are both my favourite holidays. we had a gorgeous christmas-tree decorated with toys and christmas lights. on the first day of new year i got many presents from my family and relatives. after all, it was just great to take some time off from school and to sleep till noon. i really enjoyed my winter holidays.


можешь смело переписывать - такого нигде не найдешь, я сама его написала : )


1)my close friend lives in moscow now

2) as a rule, he spends his holiday at the seaside.

3) i am very busy on sunday.

4) she is always very glad to see me.

5) there is nothing to think about.

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