[ai] [i: ] какие буквы им соответствует (y a e u o i)



1) you must pass passport control at the airport.

2) i don't have to be home exactly at 6 pm everyday, because i'm 17.

3) should i translate all these documents at once?

4) he thought that he had to shake hands with everybody, but the traditions were different in that country.

5)i must get permission for the exam as soon as possible.

6) justin thinks that angelina shouldn't change her appearance.


1. malcolm said that he didn't think so.

2. i said that picture of velema valento was really mine and i would like to keep it. 

3. he said that he had come to ask me about a five-pound note which i had paid into my bank the day before yesterday.

4. she said that it looked like lizard skin, but it seemed to be from a warm-blooded animal, perhaps a bird. and she added thatthey didn't understand what it was.

5. i said thatthere was no hurry at all but there was nothing more i could do.

К[ai]относится-i к [i: ]относится-e
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