Перефразируйте предложения, используя сложное подлежащее или сложное дополнение вместо сложных придаточных предложений we know that ivan bunin is a nobel prize winner in the literature


my mum combs her long hair

моя мама расчесывает свои длинные волосы.


1) where will they go if thw weather is fine? 2)if you miss the 10.30 train, there is another at 10.35. 3) i will see you before you start. 4) i will stay at home till she comes. 5) i will not speak to him until he apologizes. 6) after he finishes school, he will enter the university. 7) where will you go when you come to london? 8) i will not have dinner before my mother returnes home. 9) until the weather is good, we will not skiing. 10) i think they will leave after they discuss this problem.

  ivan bunin is known to be a nobel prize winner in the literature
Ivan bunin is known to be a nobel prize winner in the literature.
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